Bill Gates: Mass Gatherings May Never Come Back Unless You’re Vaccinated

THE STORY: Bill Gates, eugenicist, NWO frontman, depopulation enthusiast and architect of Operation Coronavirus, now has the audacity to tell you whether you may or may gather after the COVID-19 lockdown finishes.

THE IMPLICATIONS: Gates is overplaying his hand with his numerous public articles and appearances, laying out the phases of the scripted pandemic agenda. He is revealing his true role in orchestrating this chaos. How many can see the obvious?

Unless you’re vaccinated …

NWO (New World Order) frontman Bill Gates has suggested 1 of the 5 intrinsic, natural, human rights enumerated in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution – the right to peacefully assemble – may disappear forever.

That’s right: he actually suggested overriding a fundamental and innate human right due to the fake pandemic of the coronavirus.

In a recent interview on CBS, Gates again didn’t miss the opportunity to push his mass vaccination ‘solution’ to the crisis he orchestrated. With so much evidence available linking Gates to this entire Operation Coronavirus, it is truly a wonder he is walking free and being given MSM platforms to spout his tyrannical agenda, rather than being arrested and charged for crimes against humanity.

In the interview below around the 4:00 minute mark, Gates lays out the plan to entice you to get the coming coronavirus vaccine – to keep you on lockdown (i.e. house arrest) “unless you’re vaccinated.”



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